Read" how it works" & “FAQS" first, Your booking means you accept our terms & conditions

Who We Are


    Service ranges:

    1. Auckland Airport Cheapest Park & Ride Service

    (International & Domestic pickup points above)

    2. Auckland airport car parking (long/short-term)

    3. Auckland Airport campervan (motor home) parking/transport/shuttle. 

    E.g.Maui, Mighty, JUCY, Apollo, Abuzzy, Kia Ora, Lucky, Happy, Wilderness Motorhomes. Those companys are close to our business.

    Our area can accommodate 900 parking spaces.

    Our guest will also get the cheapest Car Rentals ( and Accommodation (


    Business hours or shuttle service hours from: 6am - 11pm only, 7 days

    > Please use " note " to write down 

    If going to campervan site/rental cars.

    If any oversize items.

    If more than one person.

    If not sure return flight/date.

    If using previous credit


    > Drive to Apark at 57 Pavilion Drive and check-in at the office on time.

    To domestic airport, 1hr 15 mins before flight depart.

    To international airport, 3 hrs before flight depart.

    > We don't keep your car key. Anything change is difference to  your booking, please let us know ASAP. We serve customers base on booking ONLY.

    > Return pickup: Text us: 022 6522 088, 10 mins before you reach the pickup point will be great.

    > Domestic terminal picks up point: Meet at Fred ladd way. Under the airport control tower; where is nearby a bus/shuttle stop opposite the Jetstar Terminal.

    > International terminal picks up point: Meet at outside Door 11 (next to McDonald).

    Business hours or shuttle service hours from: 6am - 11pm, 7 days 

    Any Apark services are base on your bookings only. It's your responsibilty to update your booking with Apark ASAP if any changes.


Q. If I don't follow or read "how it works" OR "FAQS", What will happen?

A. Anything is possible. Apark is not taking any responsibility.  For example, you are using our service not matching your booking, OR not matching our "how it works" and "FAQS" OR not matching terms & conditons.

Q. May I use your service outside normail business hours?

A. Possible, but you need to text 0226522088 in details. Apark will decide how and what to do .

Q. Where are you located?

A. Our address is 57 Pavillion Drive, Mangere 2022.

Q. Definition of "free shuttle"?

A. No charge on each check-in car with more than one passager.

Q. How often does your shuttle run?

A. All depends on the day, the traffic flow, the flight arrivals and departures and number of people we have to transfer.(Approx  every 20mins)

Q. Is the parking area secured?

A. Yes. All vehicles are inside security fences, onsite at 57 Pavilion Drive monitored by Alarm and security staff.

Q. When should we arrive at the parking site?

A. Please be onsite at least 1 hour 15mins (Domestic) or 3 hours (International). APark takes no responsibility for missed flights or guest stress if you do not follow this guideline.

Q. Can you transport us to another location besides the airport or the APark parking site?

A. We cannot guarantee this as our shuttle service only provides transfers between our parking site and Auckland Airport’s Domestic or International terminals. For special requests on location, please talk to our staff. However, we will only accept requests that do not conflict with Domestic/International shuttle guests.

Q. Will booking online be cheaper than over the phone?

A. online might be cheaper.

Q. Can the shuttle carry large or bulky luggage?

A. Our shuttles, while spacious and high ceiling-ed, so it has good amounts of space. Consideration for other shuttle guests is also recommended. If we cannot pick all pieces of luggage, we can arrange a 2nd ride. 

Q. Booster seats provided?

A. Booster seats are available on request. Please notify our staff of other special requests ahead of time allowing us to meet your needs.

Q. Do you charge a cancellation fee?

A. non-refundable ticket

Q. I don’t know my return date, does that matter?

A. No. Write down the approx time and update it by email or text us later. You need to give us 24 hours notice when you are sure.

Q. How do I book a shuttle on return?

A. Please text us: 022 6522 088, 10 mins before you arrive pick up point will be great. 

Q. What happens if I find damages on my vehicle?

A.  APark is not responsible for any losses or damages for any cars parking in this facility and any related losses and/or damages. It is entirely the responsibility of the user of this facility and service to arrange their own insurance or losses and damages covers before use of this facility and service