APark Auckland Airport Car Parking

Look through some frequently asked questions to get a quick grasp of APark - the cheapest Auckland Airport park and ride services!


Yes. APark takes security seriously with 24/7 CCTV.

No, our shuttle runs a route between Auckland Airport and APark only.

One adult person and one luggage (around but not excess the dimension of 600 mm (length) x 600 mm (width) x 600 mm (height).  

Additional people will be charge at $10 per person (except one child under 9 years old is free).  Additional luggage - around but not excess the dimension of 600 mm (length) x 600 mm (width) x 600 mm (height) will also be charged at $10 each.  Extremely large luggage will be charged more based the actual size of the luggage.

If the shuttle vehicle is full and there is no extra space for additional passengers and luggage, our staff will refuse boarding. We recommend that you drop off your luggage and fellow travelers at the airport before proceeding to park your vehicle at our parking lot.

(Approx every 30 mins)


Extra may be charged in the car park office, $10 each item.

Booster seats are available on request.

No. Please put "NONE". Please update it by phone message. You need to give us 24 hours notice to ensure service to be provided.

Please text us: 022 6522 088 when you are ready at pick up point with your bags. 

APark is not responsible for any losses or damages for any cars parking in this facility and any related losses and/or damages. It is entirely the responsibility of the user of this facility and service to arrange their own insurance or losses and damages covers before use of this facility and service.