APark Auckland Airport Car Parking

Look through some frequently asked questions to get a quick grasp of APark - the cheapest Auckland Airport park and ride services!

Yes. There are security cameras cover the entire parking area.

No, our shuttle runs a route between Auckland Airport and APark only.

Yes, in most situations online booking and payment is the only way to secure your cheapest and hassle free car park and ride service from APark - Cheapest Auckland Airport Park and Ride Service.

One adult person and one luggage (around but not excess the dimension of 600 mm (length) x 600 mm (width) x 600 mm (height).  

Additional people will be charge at $10 per person (except one child under 9 years old is free).  Additional luggage - around but not excess the dimension of 600 mm (length) x 600 mm (width) x 600 mm (height) will also be charged at $10 each.  

Extremely large luggage will be charged more based the actual size of the luggage.

Anything is possible. Apark is not taking any responsibility. For example, you are using our service not matching your booking, OR not matching our "how it works" and "FAQS" OR not matching terms & conditons.

1) Apark shuttle van is from 5am to 11.59pm for online paid customers.

2)Office & car park open for public (walk-in customers) from 8am-8pm.

3) From midnight to 5am, Apark may let booked customers to use Uber instead of Apark's shuttle van.Apark will give customers gate code to acess car park. Those customers have to know how to use Uber and pay for Uber( between APARK car park and Auckland airport) first. Apark will redeem it base on receipt later.

This is for business customers, business to business trading.(This service is not available for any online booking customers.)

(Approx every 30 mins)

Yes. All vehicles are inside secure fences.

We cannot guarantee this as our shuttle service only provides transfers between our parking site and Auckland Airport’s Domestic or International terminals. For special requests on location, please talk to our staff. However, we will only accept requests that do not conflict with Domestic/International shuttle guests.

Online might be cheaper.

Extra may be charged in the car park office, $10 each item.

Booster seats are available on request.


Maybe. Apark may cancel your booking with refund only (due to staff, weather, etc), and it's not taking any extra resposibilites.

No. Please put "NONE". Please update it by phone message. You need to give us 24 hours notice to ensure service to be provided.

Please text us: 022 6522 088 when you are ready at pick up point with your bags. 

APark is not responsible for any losses or damages for any cars parking in this facility and any related losses and/or damages. It is entirely the responsibility of the user of this facility and service to arrange their own insurance or losses and damages covers before use of this facility and service.

1.Extra one day parking, at least $5+GST, public holiday is $10+GST.

2. Any change in your booking. It may be at least $20+GST.

3. Over size cars: In order to secure your park space, please book and pay two separate car parks under the same car registeration number if your car is over 6 meters in lengther but less than 9 meters. Also report to our staff about your over length car before take the shuttle. This will protect your car being locked or towed away.

4. Extra People and Luggages: Our price for each booking include shuttle service for one free drop off to and one free pick up from Auckland Airport terminal specified points for one person and one luggage greater 600 mm (in length, or width, or height) but less than 1,200 mm either in length, or width, or height). $10 extra charge for each extra person, or each extra piece of luggage over 600 mm but less than 1,200 mm (in length, or width, or height) will be applied. However, there are very frequent and convenient buses to airport terminal close to our car parks. This can be a very easy way for you to take your extra luggages and poeple to airport terminals without paying us extra. Or You can simply drop your extra people and luggage to the airports terminas before parking to our site - only mins away between the airport terminals and our car parks. Please check with our staff for closeby buses nearby our car park side if you can not find out.

5. Park your car by the other car side by side to the other car as close as possible but no more than 400 mm apart from one side, and from the head to the other car, fence or wall, and take the shuttle immediately. Your correct and accurate parking is critical to help us to run this park and ride facility at the cheapest rate for you. Parking over this distance limit will result additional charges depending on your parking days (extra $5 per day) .